Advanced Digital Printing

Professional Digital Printing Solution:

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Why digital? Digital printing provides a quick and easy alternative for many print jobs. Digital printing produces the same professional quality label that you have come to expect from Model Graphics. Best fit applications include multiple copies, multiple color changes, short to medium runs and in many cases even longer running jobs now fit digital.

  • Quick turn-around: Digital label orders can usually ship in 5 business days or less after proof approval.
  • Affordable: Compare labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging with digital solutions for short runs. Chances are you'll save time and money.
  • Safe: Dry toner is recognized as the best technology for food labels in terms of food safety due to its non-toxic nature. Xeikon dry toner has also received FDA certification for both indirect and direct food contact with dry food, which is unique in the digital landscape.
  • Accurate: Every label output via digital printing is an original.

Digital labels can be printed on high-quality paper stock for stunning clarity, or films for more durable applications. Lamination, Foiling, Embossing, Silk Screening, Tactile and other special effects can be achieved digitally or flexographically.

Our Digital Printing History:

In late 2004 Model Graphics purchased an HP digital press. We were one of the first few to own a digital press in the greater Cincinnati area. Our clients with large runs and many copies were seeing the number of copies grow as demand by big box stores demanded private labels of their own. However, their customers told them, and they in turn told us, your prices have to stay the same. We were used to running two to five copies of a three to four color label and those then became five to seven color labels with twenty copies or more. The market has leveled a bit regarding available digital presses and processes, therefore the selections have become more complicated. As a buyer, you may not be influenced by the type of digital conversion that your product is being printed on as long as it looks good. This is where most of the short run market falls when running short to medium runs. 

Advanced 20" Wide Digital Print:

Fast forward. If you require labels with various quantities and multiple copies, Model’s newest advanced 20” wide digital print solution is for you. We are happy to review your best possible fit, short and long term, economically and graphically. For a few reasons, including quantity and graphics, Flexographic Printing may still be the best choice. We can price both and demonstrate best long and short term costs to you. You decide!

Fit Form & Function:

Digital PrintingIn whatever mode we print, you can always rely on the fact that we scrutinize every project with our own “FIT, FORM and FUNCTION” system of analysis. This means we review your project with consideration of your needs, your customer’s needs, adding our experience in engineering packaging applications since 1984.

Our goal is to evaluate your project from a pass or fail expectation. If collectively we agree there are areas of concern from previous suppliers or any internal evaluations you as the customer or your customer knows should be tested, we will build in processes to support the testing before it leaves our dock.