Flexible Packaging Media

Change is inevitable.

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This statement has never been more valid than in the packaging industry. 

  • Cans of soup are sold in microwavable self-contained bowls. Heat and eat!
  • Glass or rigid plastic bottles that contain food and beverage can now be bought in flexible pouches with spouts for single serve or more.
  • Automotive additives and cleaners can be bought in spouted or trigger spray pouches.

What drives it? A lot of experts claim it is the younger generation, on the go and looking for single or smaller portions.
We all love the convenience factor. 

Environmentally, there is still a lot of work to be done on the sustainability equation with flexible packaging. We use vendor sources who are willing to put their claims in writing.

When you are ready to move toward a more eco-friendly product, we will be there to work with and provide samples and documentation on the products to be considered. 

Wherever you find yourself in this movement, you need experts to help you make safe, effective and profitable choices. 

Our perfect “Fit, Form and Function” system enables you to work with our trusted expert suppliers of raw flexible packaging films and components. The goal is to assure you and your client that there are no surprises. You have already set high standards to maintain the integrity of your product, your customer also expects absolute 100% reliable performance. That is where the consulting part works well. We strive for the “Perfect Fit, Form and Function" and we know the best way to achieve that is by communicating directly with you and your team of experts. We work with you and your team of specialists, engineers and others to create an internal “Pass/Fail” evaluation on site with the walls of Model Graphics. Our continuously certified testing equipment rivals many larger converters. Contact your sales rep for a personal tour of our facility.

Whether you need a simple one-off proof, prototypes, or full 10 color trial runs to perfect your product launch we will be there for you. When you need custom flexible packaging, printed flexible films, laminates, special custom top coatings or other graphic embellishments, please call us at 513-541-2355.

Award Winning Packaging Service:

We consider our industry awards achievements worth recognizing. However, it’s the awards we receive from clients that tell you more about who we are why we do what we do.

A short list of benefits you enjoy when partnering with Model Graphics includes the following:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Perfect Fit, Form and Function evaluation and consultation
  • Custom graphic design
  • Product development and sampling
  • Personal attention across our entire organization. You matter!
  • Additional Benefits from our friends at Karlville

Below are links to where packaging will impact consumers:
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Below are links to equipment that demonstrates how flexible packaging is used and produced. (Most of these are ads of course. We are not endorsing nor have any relationship with any of the companies featured at this time.)

Under 2 minutes:
Fill, Weigh, Seal, Pouches
Small Vertical Form-Fill Machine
Simple Flow Wrapper
Mini Bag Making Machine for Center Seal Bag with Gusset

Under 3 Minutes:
Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine

Longer videos:
Pouch Fill & Spout Cap Machine
Karlville Pouch making machinesKarlville Pouch making machines
Automated Vertical Form-Fill and Seal Machine

If you need help with co-packing, please contact your sales rep, and we will be happy to help you source reliable and specific packaging companies.