Pressure Sensitive Labels

Staying ahead of the technology curve.

Pressure sensitive labels have been around since the 1950’s thanks in large part to Mr. Avery. Every factory or office will use a label every day. For instance, a simple address label or a carton label to ship a product can be found in every company, large or small.  

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Model Graphics is far from saying we don’t print simple labels. However, it is the more challenging labels we excel in.

Prime Labels – The label that sells your product through the text and graphic design of the label.

Top Markets: 

  • Food
  • Beverage – All types including Wine, Beer and Spirits
  • Health and Beauty
  • Industrial
  • Home Goods

Specialty pressure sensitive labels – These include labels that have a function as well as a graphically designed label.

  • Coupons – IRC, BOGO, Mail-in, web initiated at the time of sale or in store
  • Multi-Panel or Extended Content
  • Peel and Reseal
  • Scratch and Smell
  • Scratch Off (Gift Cards, Game Pieces, Marketing Mailers or Point of Sale)

Regardless of the pressure sensitive label you need, people who buy from us recognize outstanding service and flexibility as a reason to remain loyal. 

It’s not easy or inexpensive. Model Graphics is and always has been committed to staying ahead of the technology curve. Model Graphics is committed to using cutting-edge technology to satisfy and delight our current and future customers. We are always looking for challenges that push us further with technology in our equipment and anything that improves the overall quality. This includes our team of dedicated staff across the entire company.  

Staying Relevant in Labeling

Pressure Sensitive LabelsBegin with the end in mind.  We design, consult, engineer, print and convert via UV Flexo, Silk Screen, Foiling, Embossing, Digital and more. Then we also apply the labels to your product. Currently, we do this by printing ten colors or more to satisfy the demand for high-end prime labels, industrial labels and all types of packaging labels with exceptional quality that exceeds most expectations.

Quality and speed. HD Flexo by Esko and fast digital plate making by Cyrel creates the perfect marriage. To print the cleanest dot possible, we invested in the latest technology known to flexographic printing. The HD Flexo digital plate making process creates the best combination to produce the quality that rivals offset, gravure and digital. Model Graphics was the first narrow web converter in North America to achieve HD Flexo certification by ESKO Graphics Software.

Faster turnarounds and competitive pricing. Our newest equipment acquisition includes a 20” digital press, capable of printing the clearest screens and line work available on digital equipment. The Xeikon 3500 press is capable of producing prime label and industrial type labels with quick turnarounds, and always, competitively priced for simple prototypes or full production runs. Call or email to get help with design, application engineering and pricing on your next new project.

Family owned and managed by the second and third generation. “Here today and gone tomorrow” are words that can describe trends in markets all over the world, even the best products on the market. The best products on the market or the best manufacturer for years can be replaced. The evidence is found in the 2001 book “Good to Great.” Take a look at the once great companies listed in the book, how many are still “great” or even in existence? We get it! Our lot in life is to be relevant to provide what you NEED and want. If we can’t, we’ll do our best to help you find the best resource. The Model Graphics family is NOT going away.

Planting The Seeds of the Future:

Eco-Friendly Labels

Thank you for visiting this page on our website. We hope that you find it worthwhile and feel compelled to share it with others. To be responsible means to communicate truth and facts as often as we can. We hope you find these links helpful, credible and worth sharing.

Model Graphics is always looking for ideas to create a more eco-friendly culture. Any credible resources that provide information to create such a culture will be considered for publication on our site.

Our Future Environment and the Impact of Green Packaging

Your friends at Model Graphics are concerned for our world and future generations. We have included a couple of links that may be of interest to you in achieving your goals for sustainability. When thinking about the options for your packaging, including recyclable or recycled material options, click on the links below.

Model Graphics is always looking for ideas and partners to create a more eco-friendly culture. Please contact us with any ideas for your present or future eco-friendly considerations.

Learn more about Environment-Friendly Green Packaging:

Understanding the Organic Label - USDA

UPM - Our Supplier With Options to Keep Us Green

Avery Dennison - Our Supplier With Options to Keep Us Green

To learn more about how responsible flexographic printers like Model Graphics have partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce pollutants and improve the world we live in, visit