Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shelf appeal and quality are critical to brand success.

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Shelf appeal and quality are critical to brand success. As a result, more and more brand managers are turning to shrink sleeves without compromising any graphic quality and shelf appeal.

The most effective uses for shrink sleeve labels include:

  • 360-degree graphics and messaging on any product you choose.
  • More vibrant color and gloss appearance over most labels.
  • Sleeves can be removed to promote recyclability and reuse easier than a permanent adhesive label.

Some people use words like full body sleeve or full body label when referring to a shrink sleeve label.

Typical embellishments to clear shrink sleeve labels include graphic enhancement or functional enhancements.

  • Matte Varnish - Spot or full.
  • Foiling - Including holographic imagery
  • Specialty coatings include “soft touch” effect.
  • Scratch and Smell
  • Thermochromatic
  • Functional Perfing to demonstrate tamper evidence.
  • Functional Perfing to allow a sleeve to be removed easily to enable recycling needs. 

Shrink Sleeve Labels are made with a range of films, each designed to perform with specific application speed and temperature in mind. It is critical that you consult with your machine application expert for the right choice of raw shrink sleeve material.

Sleeve materials have a range of gauges. We are happy to share our expertise and help create prototypes to assist in creating the most cost effective and functional packages.

  • PETg, PVC, OPS, PLA, Light Blocking White with Black back PETg.

White with Black backing PETG shrink sleeves have other benefits and applications:

  • Light blocking
  • Improved shelf life
  • Color of product protection
  • Vitamin and taste integrity are maintained for most dairy products

 Not sure if shrink sleeve labels are the way to go vs. your current or new pressure sensitive labels? We are happy to help you with the process!

Shrink Sleeve LabelsTotal Applied Cost Calculator:

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